An Update After a Break, and a YouTube Channel!

Hello, my fellow gaming madmen! I’m not a hugely frequent poster, but I have been away from actively blogging entirely the past few months. I’ve come back to give a bit of an update of my activities, so this won’t be a very long one.

I’ve actually been mainly working on revitalising my dormant YouTube channel, and I am excited to unveil it over at !

TBT YT banner

I had to do quite a bit of skill honing, but I have one piece of new content on there so far, which is a retrospective of a brilliant old game called Rod Land:

This will hopefully be the first of a few videos in a series called The Cupboard Arcade, which aims to document games that have particularly left an impression on me over the years.

I’m currently working on a video which I hope to have finished soon (and I shall update here when I do) which showcases the hilarious bugs and glitches I encountered while playing LA Noire on the PS4.

Last but not least, since April this year I have been working on a translation/localisation/script rework of a game that was only ever released in Japan… I think I’ll save that for a future post once I’ve got it ready! It’s very close to being in a position where I’m happy to share it, so I’d like to make a YouTube video about it when I can and I shall update about that here also.

So, that’s about it for my little update. I hope to be able to share updates on my above projects soon. I’d love to know what your favourite game bugs/glitches are, and also any fan translation projects or other gaming mods that you are either working on or thought were particularly good!

Happy gaming 🙂

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